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Village of Pomquet

Pomquet is home to approximately 900 inhabitants, most of Acadian ancestry. Many others visit and decide to make Pomquet their home – for its beauty, sense of community, and connection to the land and water. The community is nestled along two harbours (Pomquet and Monk's Head) separated from St. George's Bay by the barrier island that houses the unique Pomquet Beach.

Pomquet's beginnings date back thousands of years, when the Mi'kmaq settled the land and made use of the richness of the harbours, the bay and the forests. Acadians, affected by the Expulsion of 1755, and French settlers came to the area in the late 1700s, and cleared the land bordering the two harbours for farmland. The relationship between the Mi'kmaq and the Acadians was one of mutual respect.

Pomquet residents have a strong sense of community. Historically, this was centred on the Roman Catholic Church. L'Église Ste. Croix was built on a promontory in the centre of the community in the late 1800s. The Church was and continues to be a focal point for many members of the community. The cemetery below the church records the genealogical history of the majority of families in Pomquet, including the founding families.

École Acadienne de Pomquet, which provides P-12 education entirely in French, is another focal point for community events.

Chez Deslauriers and the Pomquet Museum both provide historical information for visitors.

Pomquet has evolved into a community with a strong sense of self and connection to the land and water. Farming and fishing continue to be practiced in Pomquet, but most residents have found employment in the larger centre of Antigonish.